Hey there! I’m Lauren.

Returning to the rural American South after a few years long stint in Italy, I have decided to finally begin a lasting ambition; starting a food blog. Here you will find my dabbles in cooking and baking, where I attempt to trick my family into eating vegetables while satiating some enormous appetites.

Food is my love language. Actually, food is just my language. What I am cooking can often be a barometer for my mood. Intricate meal thoughtfully prepared with multiple courses/sides? I love you. Leftovers microwaved and served in the Pyrex they were stored in? Exhausted. There is no foul mood a good brownie (or seven) cannot fix.

This will for sure be a learning process. Other than helping my mother in the kitchen, and falling asleep to the Food Network, I have no culinary training. As a result, some meals are delightful, while others will not be repeated.

I love horrible cliche’s and feeding people. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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