This and That

The picture above is another from our trip to Cinque Terre. With all of the World Cup excitement I am feeling a little nostalgic for our time in Italy. The last time I watched the World Cup it was at a BBQ outside of a villa-turned-apartments with my friend Giulia and her friends. My living room in not quite as memorable.

This Funfetti cake bakeoff is exactly what I need. I get overwhelmed by the shear number of recipes out there and love how analytically she presents her findings.

Lemon cake is definitely one of my top favorite cake flavors and this looks like the perfect recipe.

It feels kind of silly to be looking at fall clothes when I know it will be 90°F + for many months still, but last fall/winter I really wanted some water proof booties and these are exactly what I was looking for.

These broccoli fritters are pretty similar to veggoe tots I make for my son but honestly look much easier to make. He refuses all green foods at the moment, I’ll have to try these.

This looks like my dream coconut cake.

I recently bought a new console table for our living room and I kind of hate it, and am leaning more towards something like this table. 


This and That

Hey guys! It’s been a busy week with family coming to town, but I have more posts coming your way. I hope everyone has enjoyed their week and if you are in the US had a firework and BBQ filled 4th!


These macaroons look like a perfect way to use up some coconut I have in my fridge.

I bought some marshmallows with the intent to make fondant and then decided I wanted something smores-like instead. These smores cookie cups look right up my ally.

I recently bought a new console table but like this DIY one much better.

I never thought I would say jalapeno popper and dumpling in the same sentence but WHAT. Insane.

This week’s nail  polish color is Mint Candy Apple. I usually like pinks and oranges but these cool blues are really speaking to me this year.


This and That

Ya’ll know what time it is! Here’s a little bit of this and that for the week. The picture above is from our trip to Cinque Terre in 2015! It feels like both forever ago and yesterday.

I’ll be making this spritz by Half Baked Harvest for 4th of July for sure.

Cookies are really doing it for me at the moment and these are next on my “to try” list.

Prosecco and Pino Grigio are my go to wines for summer, but a friend came to visit and introduced me to this Sauvignon Blanc. Not only is it refreshing, but also super affordable.

Looks like I found my dream birthday cake for next year! Note to self “learn how to decorate cakes”.

Earlier this week on instagram I tried making quesadilla’s per this method and I will never pan fry quesadillas again.

I have been putting collagen in my hot coffee every morning but really want to try these make ahead iced collagen lattes.


If there anything new you have tried and loved? Link it below in the comments!

(As per usual, none of this is sponsored and none of these companies know I exist).

This and That

Guys this week went by really quickly and I don’t know what to do with myself. Time to share what I have been into this week!

^^^ The picture above is of the flowers that lined my neighbor’s driveway in Italy.  They were always so big and  beautiful. I am currently redoing the beds in our front and backyards and would LOVE big hydrangeas like these. I’ve kept my basil plant alive for almost two months now so obviously I’m ready for a massive yard transformation.


  • I bought this nail polish last summer and got compliments every time I wore it. Purples make my hands look dead so this is the coolest hue I can wear. I’ve already busted it out and am wearing it as I type this.
  • My two favorite adult beverages combined into one big batch drink!
  • The humidity has really taken a toll on my hair and hair oil helps keep the frizz at bay and makes my hair feel really soft. Plus you can’t beat the price!
  • Flexibility has never been my strongsuit and the combo of a lifetime of sports+desk job+child birth have left me quite immobile, shoulders all impinged and hips out of whack. I’ve been doing Yoga with Adriene and it is really helping me work out the kinks. Plus, Adriene makes yoga really approachable. Like “Hey, you cant do this pose yet? That’s cool, you’ll get there, try this pose instead”.
  • Do you like rose’? I haven’t had any I really enjoyed and am going to try some from this list.

How has your week been? Let me know down below!

(As usual, none of this is sponsored nor are they affiliate links, just things I love and want to share with you!)


This and That

I think I’m going to do a weekly post sharing things I am excited about/enjoying/want to share with the world.

Really feeling these  gin slushies  from Joy the Baker for Fourth of July.

I make The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee  for my caffeine fix in the summer. (My coffee from this morning is the picture above!)

Does anyone else lose pens constantly? I bought these pretty pens with the hope that I’ll pay a little more attention and not lose them.

This Dove body scrub far surpassed my expectations. I have always loved sugar body scrubs but this left my skin so soft and smells so good I checked to see if they made a lotion in the same scent.

Sally says she prefers brownies with ice cream over cake and ice cream and I’m inclined to agree. This is my ideal birthday treat.

None of the things above are sponsored nor are they affiliate links. Those companies/businesses do not know I exist and all opinions are my own.